New Ventures Picks | Malcolm Billing


If these books and podcasts aren’t already in your library, you’ll want to add them to your summer reading and listening lists.

Throughout the summer, we’ll be sharing recommendations from New Venture leaders and Implementers from across Canada. This week’s picks come to us from Malcolm Billing, Implementer in the GTA.

*Please note that links provided are completely unaffiliated.


Community and Growth by Jean Vanier. In honour of the death of the founder of L’Arche Communities, his book Community and Growth is a great source of insights on building true community. 

Strengthening the Soul of Your Leadership by Ruth Haley Barton. A spiritual director and one of my favourite authors, Ruth Haley Barton provides a great read and a helpful opportunity to reflect on stewarding your leadership.


This Cultural Moment. This is an interesting podcast led by two pastors from Portland and Melbourne discussing what is going on in our urban cultural centres in the west.

Canadian Asian Missional Podcast. Co-hosted by our very own 2nd Gen Implementer, Bernard Tam! My favourite episodes have been the interviews with some of the older generation of pastors reflecting on the current state of the Canadian Asian church (e.g. Rev. Jonathan Kaan).

Stay tuned for more New Venture picks throughout the summer!

Bethany Nickel