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The Macedonian Call

Joseph Luamba is a refugee and immigrant from the Democratic Republic of the Congo who landed in Vancouver over 2.5 years ago. After landing, he was looking to connect with a church, and God led Joseph to Fraser Lands. At the same time, God put on the hearts of the Fraser Lands leadership to send out a new leader to Quebec in response to the great need for Christian presence in the Greater Montreal area. Watch their story and be inspired by how this church is stepping out into unknown territory to join God at work.

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Faith Under Fire

Pastor Graham Clinton shares about God’s amazing provision as he stepped out in faith to begin a new community in Stouffville, ON.

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The Revealed Mystery

Pastor Dom Ruso speaks from his New Venture experience in Laval, QC. Religion and Quebec are subjects that don’t easily mix; churches need to be listening to how the heritage of Quebecers has influenced their memory and how they came to believe in God with a sense of deep respect. He believes that Quebec will provide the soil for new leaders and learning for Canada and North America.

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Deeper in Discernment

Matteo and Bethany Mortelliti share about their journey of discernment from Vancouver to Quebec with a special emphasis on having a humble attitude and willingness to “unlearn.”

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With Open Arms

Jack and Sharon served at The Manor, an operating strip club in Guelph, ON. They have gatherings on Sundays but also serve with the girls. Sharon talks about showing radical love, and choosing to see beyond appearances. She draws on the story of the prodigal son, and of God waiting to receive his children back with open arms.

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Some of our Mandarin-speaking leaders share about how they are creating space to disciple the influx of immigrants to Canada from mainland China. They recognize the problem of evangelism with the second generation and so are striving to prioritize family in their various ministries as they seek to pass along the Word of God to the next generation.

Download Generations.

Room 21

Christian Motel Ministries is the story of a community of hope developing in a dark place. Adam Ane led this ministry in Niagara Falls, ON from 2015 to the end of 2018. We are thankful for the many relationships he helped foster and his inspiring story of stepping out into something new.

Download Room 21.

Deeper in Influence

Jonathan Chan shares from his experience beginning a New Venture in a corporate setting called Company of Disciples.

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Becoming Participants

Pastor Raja Stone speaks from his experience starting a new church called Uptown Community Church in Waterloo, ON and moving his congregation away from performances and pretending towards participating in the way of Jesus. Uptown meets in a movie theatre.

Download Becoming Participants.

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