Meet the Morrisons in Atlantic Canada

Bill and Louise Morrison are serving as coaches in Atlantic Canada.

Bill and Louise Morrison are serving as coaches in Atlantic Canada.

In early 2019, Bill Morrison was appointed to the role of New Ventures Coach in Atlantic Canada for a one year term. In this physically beautiful, historically important, and spiritually needy region, Bill has a unique role to play in the success of developing new expressions of faith through providing coaching, training and walking with future New Ventures. He very much sees this role in partnership with his wife Louise, and together they are excited to reach Atlantic Canada.

Who are the Morrisons?

Bill and Louise have been married for 35 years as of March 2019. They have three grown children who are married in the greater Fredericton area, and are proud grandparents to two granddaughters.

Louise worked as a French Immersion teacher until she took early retirement to work more directly with Bill on research and ministry activities. Louise holds a bachelor’s degrees in French second language education and a master’s degree in educational research focusing on cultural diversity.

Bill is an educator and licensed psychologist, and holds a bachelor’s degree in educational psychology, and a master’s and Ph.D. in counselling psychology. Since 2002, Bill has held an academic position at the University of New Brunswick and provides oversight to a research team investigating integration of services for youth mental health (Health and Education Research Group).  Bill regularly travels to consult with provincial and territorial governments on the integration of public services for ensuring timely access to supports related to mental health, education, and social programs.

They first became involved together in C&MA in Canada many years ago in summer ministry activities in Quebec City. We are excited about the opportunity to be part of the C&MA family working in mission together!

What is your role today?

Bill responds, “Life for us is ministry in all aspects and we see ourselves as tentmakers. Our goal in Atlantic Canada is to encourage other believers to use their gifts to share the good news of Christ. We are currently pastoring a small rural church in Lakeville Corner and provide leadership support to a house church in the Fredericton area.

“We have walked with the C&MA for the past five years in praying for revival and in reaching out to those in need in the Greater Atlantic region. Jacob Birch has been a great encouragement to us and we value our planning and prayer times together. Prior to knowing Jacob, we had the privilege of collaborating with and being encouraged by Greg Langman.

“In the future, we hope to expand our role in the C&MA, primarily as encouragers (coaches) for the creation of New Venture opportunities and the strengthening of existing ones. In addition to encouraging traditional churches, we have a dream of seeing missional homes develop and spread across our Atlantic region as hubs of missional activity. This would be similar to “Simple Church” expressions of faith that C&MA is carrying out in BC through the Lambkins.”

Excited about the new things God is doing through the Morrisons?

Here are some ways you can join them on mission.


  • That we will be sensitive to the prompts of the Holy Spirit and that God will send to us those who wish to open their homes and lives to others in pursuing a missional home ministry.


    Atlantic Canada Implementer Jacob Birch does a great job of sharing regular updates on the need and new developments in Atlantic Canada. Follow along on Facebook!