New Venture Apprenticeships are designed for individuals who need time and space to discern their next steps in ministry.

The focus for each Apprentice is on pursuing clarity through three key questions:

1. Who is God calling me to be?

2. To whom and where is he calling me to?

3. What is he calling me to do? 

We work with each Apprentice to create a customized plan thats help them grow and respond to these questions over the course of 12-24 months. Each Apprentice is paired with mentors and connected with various hands-on and other learning opportunities.

An Apprentice may lead a New Venture in the future, however this is not our "end goal" in offering Apprenticeships. Our hope—through the process of both discernment and development—is that Apprentices will be able to confidently walk into their next phase of ministry because of the clarity they achieve. For many, this will involve stepping out and doing something new in Jesus' name.


For questions about New Venture Apprenticeships, please send a note to Regan.

Meet Our Current Apprentices

Tyler Dam New Ventures Apprentice.png

Tyler Dam

The goal of Tyler’s apprenticeship is to provide a year of learning and discernment as he sets up a new business in Chatham, ON. Tyler’s desire is to eventually help other young men and women to lead on mission out of their homes and workplaces.

Learn more about Tyler.

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Michael Hum

With several years of ministry experience together, Michael and his wife Jasmine are looking to develop a clearer vision for where and how God wants them to lead through a season of apprenticeship with New Ventures.

Learn more about the Hums.

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Ryan Luttrell.png

Ryan Luttrell

During his apprenticeship, Ryan has worked hard to launch a coffee roasting business, Collective Coffee Roasters, in Calgary, AB. This apprenticeship is focused on Ryan’s development as an Alliance worker, and we are providing space for Ryan to discern his calling and connection to the Christian & Missionary Alliance and its mission.

Learn more about Ryan.

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Jeff Marshall

Jeff Marshall is serving as an Apprentice with First Alliance Church Calgary as they prepare to launch a new campus in Southwest Calgary, a fast-growing and underserved area.

Learn more about Jeff.

Elissa Teichrib.png

Elissa Teichrib

The goal of Elissa’s apprenticeship is to engage in a year of learning-while-doing as she clarifies her sense of calling to create new intentional multicultural communities of faith in the Toronto area.

Learn more about Elissa.

Josh + Miranda Perry

As graduates of Ambrose University, Josh and Miranda Perry are doing an apprenticeship to develop in their leadership and ministry effectiveness including the ability to make disciples, form small groups and eventually start churches among the Acadians on PEI.

Learn more about Josh + Miranda.

Joel Symonds

For his yearlong Apprenticeship, Joel is in a season of learning, discernment and healing. This year will also provide space for Joel to explore other pathways and models of mission and explore ministry in different contexts.

Learn more about Joel.