New Venture Launch: An Arabic Church in Montreal

Pain de vie meets on Sunday evenings at an Alliance church in Montreal.

Pain de vie meets on Sunday evenings at an Alliance church in Montreal.

Bassem Benjamin has been sharing the message of Jesus among Arabic-speaking people in Montreal and we are excited to share about their official launch as a New Venture.

What is this?

Pain de vie, or “Bread of Life” has been meeting on Sunday evenings at Fairview Alliance Church in Montreal to worship and learn in Arabic. Bassem Benjamin has felt a special call to this ministry and to encourage Arabic-speaking people in particular. He began gathering a group of four families in January 2017 to study the Bible together, and by October of that year they had grown to 15 families. In January 2019 they became an official New Venture of the Christian & Missionary Alliance to receive the support they need as they seek to become a church.

Why Montreal?

Despite its bitter and long winters, Montreal provides a warm home for many immigrants who choose to settle here, and Bassem was one such immigrant from Egypt at one time. He shares the story of many who travel here to establish new homes and find new opportunities for their families. Montreal’s Canadian Arab population is the largest of any Canadian city, accounting for just over a third of the total population of Canadian Arabs residing in Canada. The community constitutes slightly over 4% of the Montreal’s total population. We are supporting Bassem in his call to be on mission to those most familiar within Arabic language and culture.

Where can I learn more?

Learn more about our latest New Venture by visiting Pain de vie/Bread of Life.

Can I help?

You bet! Please pray for them, and consider a gift to allow Pain de vie to continue to grow.