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Welcome to Season 2 of the New Waters podcast.

Listen in on a genuine conversation about where we’re finding ourselves as the church in Canada and how we sense God calling us to be the church of the future.

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Created for leaders who are hungry to learn what it means to be the church in Canada—both now and in the future—the New Waters podcast will help you ask big questions and equip you to lead thoughtfully as you engage with faith and navigate the sea of change we find ourselves in.

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Season 2 starts October 19, 2019.

In the meantime, catch up on Season 1 below!

About the Music


We enlisted a Hamilton-based father-son duo called Dad vs Son to create a track especially for the podcast. Here is their artist statement about the song "Waves" :

When we were creating the song “Waves” for the New Waters Podcast, the idea was to build the foundation of the track through sonic waves of white and pink noise created by analog synthesizers. Waves begin to sync up with the percussion to be part of the beat, creating a sense of journeying and movement. LFO waves were added to the bass line to also give it a rolling sound. The drums are started in reverse to give a sense of looking back from where we have come. The high synthesizer arpeggiator is in a major key to contrast with the minor chords of the omnichord.

We were trying to split the difference between optimism and the pain involved with starting something new. 

All the sounds are unique and are designed by Dad vs Son. There are no pre-sets being used in any of the digital or analog gear. So even the "sound waves" are unique and hopefully lending themselves to the idea of water and journey. The synthesizer sounds were chosen to sound both retro and futuristic at the same time, to emulate the process of starting something new while leaning on the traditions of those that have come before us. 

It is kind of like using a boat that is tried and true to explore some new waters.

- Randell Neudorf of Dad vs Son

Season 2 Participants

Domenic Ruso New Waters.png

Dom Ruso, Lead Pastor and Planter of the180 Church in Laval, QC

A returning participant from Season 1 of the New Waters podcast, Dom planted and is currently Lead Pastor of a vibrant new church in Greater Montreal. With a PhD in historical theology, Dom lends a forward-thinking, thoughtful, and assertive (read: Italian), voice to our Season 2 conversation. Dom is a loving husband to Bev and the devoted father of three sons.

Lydia Stoez New Waters.png

Lydia Stoesz, Pastor of Educational Ministries at Prairie Alliance Church and Principal at Westpark School in Portage-la-Prairie, MB

Lydia is trained in education and also holds a Master of Divinity. She cares deeply about the next generation and gets to care for them in her role as a school principal in a unique preK-Grade 12 setting which is faith-based but also adheres to provincial curriculum. Lydia is also passionate about the three people who comprise her life outside of ministry: her husband Kevin and their two young kids.

Milissa Ewing, Pastor of Family Ministries at Tenth Church in Vancouver, BC

Milissa has a background in leadership development and education and is passionate about partnering with parents to see the next generation of kids follow Christ with their whole lives. She also cares deeply about environmental care and spent two years living in community with her family at A Rocha Canada, a Christian organization committed to stewarding God’s creation well.

Nathan Weselake New Waters.png

Nathan Weselake, Lead Pastor of Prairie Alliance Church in Portage-la-Prairie, MB

Following the completion of a Master of Christian Studies at Regent College, Nathan decided to move home to rural Manitoba before pursuing postgraduate studies. He took on what he thought was a temporary pastoral position and now, 17 years later, he is still (happily) a pastor! A returning participant from Season 1, Nathan is a loving dad to 4 kids and enjoys mountain bike racing and cross country skiing in his free time.

Raja Stone New Waters.png

Raja Stone, Lead Pastor of Uptown Community Church in Waterloo, ON

Raja is passionate about the Bible and what it has to say to us today. He loves that the first thing we learn about God is that he is creative, and that God's creation reflects this in diversity and nature's beauty. Raja lives in Waterloo where he is Lead Pastor of Uptown Community Church and a proud father of three girls.

Rob Chartrand New Waters.png

Rob Chartrand, Lead Pastor and Planter of Crosspoint Church in Edmonton, AB

You could say that Rob is an avid learner as he holds two graduate degrees and is currently a D.Min candidate at Asbury Theological Seminary. He has served in pastoral ministry for over two decades and planted the church where he is currently pastoring. Rob is married with two daughters, and in his spare time he loves to garden and practice other forms of artisanship.