New Waters S1 E6 | This Spiritual Moment: Are We Sinking or Swimming?

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New Waters S1 Episode 6 | This Spiritual Moment: Are We Sinking or Swimming?

We live in a spiritually-charged culture. From TV shows to mindfulness apps, the idea of spirituality is no longer a foreign topic, but deeply embedded in everyday life. This presents a unique and challenging environment for the Christian faith. How do Christians make sense of speaking about being Spirit-led in a post-religious world? How does Christian spirituality set us apart in this pluralistic landscape? How can we effectively respond to the haunting that we encounter in the lives of our friends and neighbours? In the sixth and final episode of the New Waters podcast, our participants dive into  themes of spirituality, pluralism and secularism as the church advances into a religious landscape we’ve never seen before. Listen in and continue this important conversation in your own context.

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Bethany Nickel