New Ventures Presents: The Macedonian Call


Joseph Luamba is a refugee and immigrant from the Democratic Republic of the Congo who landed in Vancouver over 2.5 years ago. After landing, he was looking to connect with a church, and God led Joseph to Fraser Lands. At the same time, God put on the hearts of the Fraser Lands leadership to send out a new leader to Quebec in response to the great need for Christian presence in the Greater Montreal area.

What will it take for your community to become an environment in which new things can happen? Watch their story and be inspired by how this church is stepping out into unknown territory to join God at work.

Your turn!

Can you think of a creative way to share this story within your own circle? At New Ventures, we believe that we replicate what we celebrate. Let's share the stories of churches growing across Canada and help create an environment in which new things can happen.

Download the video to share in your next church gathering or meeting. If you're having any issues, email Bethany.