Partnership: Story from the Ground

Pastor Graham Bulmer brings many years of missionary experience to his current role leading a brand new church plant called Q50.

Pastor Graham Bulmer brings many years of missionary experience to his current role leading a brand new church plant called Q50.

Building strong relationships with other organizations and leaders is essential to joining in the work of Jesus—that’s one of our core beliefs at New Ventures.

Recently, we had the chance to sit down with Graham Bulmer, leader of a New Venture called Q50 in Winona, ON. Here’s what he had to say about what he’s learning about building partnerships.

Describe your New Venture.

Q50 Community Church emerged from the vision of a longstanding church called Harbour Fellowship Church in St. Catharines to plant a daughter church. We began gathering in July 2018, and our target area is the intersection of the QEW and Fifty Road in Winona, ON (hence the name, Q50). Our heart is to walk with people from disenchantment to discipleship.

What are some of the partnerships you are involved in as a church community?

Our ministry partners are broad and many. Some relationships are formalized, and some are just good, healthy friendships. They include the Fellowship Baptists, Christian & Missionary Alliance (New Ventures), pastors from local churches, and previous ministry partners from my days in missions. These partners provide everything from financial to relational support. 

How did these partnerships begin?

The very first thing I did before starting our New Venture was to visit every healthy church in the area. It started out from a position of courtesy, but it resonated with so many of the churches that I talked to. One church even invited me to come preach and share the vision. An Anglican priest in the area has also been a huge source of encouragement to me; she was also a church planter. 

Q50 is currently meeting in a school gymnasium.

Q50 is currently meeting in a school gymnasium.

What have been the most successful parts of partnership?

Partnerships are so enriching! There is such a diversity of ideas, a broad scope of encouragement, I can't imagine doing this without a strong base of partners. I also find that as much as I am benefiting from these relationships, our partners are too. There is a sense of mutual benefit in most of our partnerships, where they can share what they’re learning a little further down the road, and I can share what I’m learning from a newer perspective.

What is one thing you would say to encourage someone who is seeking to step into something new?

Don't even think about doing this kind of thing alone! It isn't just about having resources for counsel and advice. Launching a new ministry project is demanding, and we all need to be part of a larger community that will encourage us, help cultivate new ideas (and throw away some of the crazier ones we may have!), and most importantly, protect us from falling into the trap of making our own ministry the central focus of our world. We need ministry friends who remind us of God's presence and faithfulness, hold us accountable, and cheer us on. No one can do this well in isolation.

Excited by what God is doing through ministries like Q50?

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