New Venture Launch: Francis + Lise Pearson in Montreal

Francis and Lise are launching a New Venture called “l’Église simple” or “Simple Church.”

Francis and Lise are launching a New Venture called “l’Église simple” or “Simple Church.”

Compelled by Jesus’ words in John 12:32, where he says, “And when I am lifted up from the earth, I will draw everyone to myself,” Francis and Lise Pearson are aiming to reach the francophone community of Montreal’s South Shore with the good news of Jesus. They are beginning to form a core group by holding simple meetings around the table. They held their first meeting on Sunday, January 27th and we are delighted to celebrate with them!

What is this?

Francis and Lise have discerned a call to create a Christocentric, self-supporting and multiplying community of faith, and we are inviting partners to support the development of this new work in Quebec. Their hope is to become a kind of prophetic parish, serving God, one another and their immediate surroundings of influence.

Why Montreal?

The South Shore of Montreal holds a population of 1.5 million of which 1.3 million are francophone. Although there are other church families present on the territory, the Pearsons see a need for the balanced teachings of the Christian & Missionary Alliance.

Why now?

With the experience of 20 years of pastoral ministry in Quebec and 10 years as District Superintendent, Francis has experienced many different models and ways of doing ministry. Over the past couple of years, he concluded that a version of the “Simple Church” model as developed by fellow Alliance leader Andy Lambkin would be the best approach in his context.

Francis says, “As part of a desire for spiritual renewal, my wife and I decided to examine how the Spirit of God has led us through the past few years and we discerned a pattern of prophetic hospitality. Through praying with close friends, the local church, district leaders and others, a dream emerged that our home could serve God’s kingdom purposes. Our strong and varied involvement in our local community led us to want to start something in our neighbourhood. We met with several individuals who expressed their interest for such a group and we began to meet together. My wife Lise and I are partners in this venture. Our approach is to let the Holy Spirit lead us in every step - and this is both challenging and scary!”

Francis and Lise held their first meeting on Sunday, January 27th, 2019.

Where can I learn more?

Learn more about our latest New Venture by visiting L’Église simple.

Can I help?

You bet! Please find some next steps below!

Excited by what God is doing through the Pearsons and L’Église simple? Here are some ways you can join them on mission.

Pray for them.

Francis asks for prayer:

  • For non-believers, that Jesus may attract them to Him.

  • That those who hold regular full-time work would see this as a space in which to pursue missions.

  • That the children within their gathering would have opportunities to be light in their classrooms.

  • That room will always be made for the Spirit to show up.

  • That God will provide for our needs.

  • For more partners to join this mission through prayer and giving.

You can sign up for a prayer newsletter from l’Église simple by sending a note to Francis.

Consider a financial gift.

Give securely online today. All funds will be directed to l’Église simple.

Learn more.

Visit l’Église simple’s profile.

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