Multiplication in Saskatoon, SK

Saskatoon New Life Community church building.

Saskatoon New Life Community church building.

This reflection was originally published on November 4, 2018 by Pastor Boc Laurino, pastor at Saskatoon New Life Community Fellowship in Saskatchewan.

At the beginning of 2018, we prayed and fasted to ask God for clear direction for our church – Saskatoon New Life Community Fellowship.

God led us to the Book of Acts.

As we studied the Book of Acts for several weeks, we were amazed at how the early church grew in numbers and the impact they had not only on the Jewish community but on the Gentiles as well. Our leaders studied the text in greater depth and concluded that small groups were foundational to the early church. Furthermore, we uncovered some principles and mindsets, especially in Acts 2, which we now use as a basis for the whys of what we are doing. We praise God that we are seeing the fruit of this activity in our church today.

Our small group ministry has not been all fun and fellowship though, as some of our members have experienced challenges and issues related to health, work, family, and relationships. Yet, these situations gave our small group members opportunities to minister to their brothers and sisters who were hurting or grieving by providing comfort, prayers, and financial support. Fundraising campaigns for the needed funds ranged from bake sales and steak nights, to sales of clothing and bags. Our small group members made sacrifices to help those in need just as the early church.

A youth event from earlier this year.

A youth event from earlier this year.

These small groups have now generated a second generation of groups outside of Saskatoon, in Outlook, Rosetown, Rosthern, Hague, Disnmore, and Cudworth. These groups are being transitioned to become house churches.

From time to time we get to see people being saved and brought to God’s kingdom. More than one hundred people have been exposed to the gospel through special occasions like weddings, children dedications, and birthdays that turned out to be “bridge events” for evangelism.

The Lord has favoured us by adding people to our church. Seeing new faces Sunday after Sunday in our church is truly a testament of how God is at work. He has been answering our prayers and we are confident He will perform in our midst what He had done in the early church.

Growing deeper in Jesus indeed leads to multiplication.

- Pastor Boc Laurino, Lead Pastor at Saskatoon New Life Community Fellowship

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