Coming Soon in Niagara, ON: Q50 Community


Graham and Sharon Bulmer are not unfamiliar with embarking into uncharted territory.

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After 20 years of missionary service, predominately in Latin America, Graham and Sharon are now settled into the Niagara region of Ontario to lead a brand new community of faith. When asked about the main challenges of this new context Graham states frankly: It doesn’t exist yet.

The area in which Q50 will gather has recently been cleared and developed with big box stores, but a residential section has not yet been built for the 15,000 people expected to move into the area.

A Discernment Journey

Giving insight into some key moments in their discernment journey to lead Q50, Graham says, “God has always used a pattern throughout our marriage of working in each of our hearts separately and then confirming what we were to do through a conversation together. We were encouraged to start the habit of praying together early in our marriage. God has always worked through our quiet times, and honestly some of what we have heard and done is quite eerie unless you believe in God. We call these moments of hearing God’s voice ‘hugs from God’  – undeniable moments where God is leading us.”

Two key Scripture passages have guided Graham in this journey towards Q50 and hearing God’s voice. The first is Deuteronomy 4, where Moses is leading the next generation into the Promised Land. Graham emphasizes, “It repeats many times that there is only one God. God is Creator, Sovereign and King. This gives context and perspective into our choices and how to best be stewards of what God has given us.” 2 Corinthians 5 has also been a key passage in this journey, and actually gave rise to the chosen vision statement for the new church: compelled by love; convinced by faith; engaged with life.

A Desire for Unity

Having already served for 20 years in a non-denominational mission, Graham knows that initiatives for God’s kingdom are often marked by a Biblical sense of ecumenicity – a unity that binds people together despite many differences in background. Together with other churches in the area, Q50 longs to be a part of long-term transformation, offering hope and reconciliation.

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