Josh and Miranda Perry: Apprentices in Atlantic Canada

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Josh and Miranda Perry are a young couple burdened for Prince Edward Island.

Josh grew up in an Acadian French family (an unreached people group) and one of the goals of their two-year apprenticeship with New Ventures is to equip them for ministry with the hope of eventually starting churches among the Acadians in PEI.

We are thrilled to be walking alongside Josh and Miranda as they seek to learn and grow over the course of their apprenticeship. Get to know them in this interview!

Introduce yourselves briefly.

Currently, Josh and I (Miranda) are both full-time substitute teachers in PEI, and we work with hundreds of youth and kids each week. We feel so fortunate to be able to live bi-vocationally. We also serve in our local church, O'Leary Church of the Nazarene: Josh serves primarily with youth, among other church duties, and I work with children, as well as leading worship and doing administrative tasks.

Josh and I are also blessed to be parents to Josh’s son Skyler, who is seven. Skyler loves Lego, his new bike, and Captain Underpants. He brings us so much delight and we were overjoyed to watch him commit his life to Jesus this summer at camp. We are so proud of the work Jesus continues to do in his life.

How did you meet?

Josh and I met when we were high school age at a kids camp, where we were both counseling and on the same team. We remained really good friends all summer even though Josh lived in PEI and I lived in Nova Scotia - we used MSN to chat every night! I went to university for one year in New Brunswick, and then Josh and I both headed to Ambrose University to finish our schooling (Josh did a Bachelor of Church Ministry and I completed a Bachelor of Children's Ministry). Josh popped the question in our third year, and we have lived happily ever after.

What do you consider to be your greatest areas of skills and areas of gifting both as individuals and as a couple?

As an individual, Josh is developing in the area of preaching and others have commended this as a gift. I (Miranda) have the gift of teaching. I fought God’s call to children's ministry because I didn't think I was “good enough.” However, I eventually listened and accepted God's call to show kids and youth how Jesus matters in their lives. My obedience has allowed me to substitute teach in public schools in PEI, and I consider it an immense privilege to act as the hands and feet of Jesus every day to kids from Tignish to Summerside. I have other God-given gifts as well such as compassion for others and a love for missions, singing, and administration.

As a couple we are gifted in both exhortation and hospitality. We absolutely love serving others and being given opportunities to use our gifts to help others.

What does the idea that God does new things mean to you as a couple?

We constantly stand in awe of God’s work in our lives! We are planners – well, at least Josh is a planner – so when we got married we were excited to see what God would do! God has changed our plans many, many times over the course of our lives. Some changes are more challenging than others, but we have learned that God is always trustworthy. God constantly puts us in unique situations where we get to use our gifts to build his kingdom.

What or who inspires you most in the world? 

Miranda: My grandfather. He is a man of God and prayer! He raised me from the time I was 9 years old, and other than Josh, my grandfather is my best friend. He loves, supports, guides, and prays for me constantly.

Josh: This is a tough question, as I think you can find inspiration through various people. However, I would say that Miranda is often the most inspiring person in my life. She is so hardworking, and always does her best at any task given to her.

Do you have any secret talents (individually)? What are they?

Miranda: I can stand on my head for long periods of time!

Josh: No.

If you each had to eat one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Josh: Pizza. I ate pizza every day during the first year of university (no exaggeration).

Miranda: Peanut butter! 

Excited by what God is doing through Josh and Miranda?


  • That they fall back into the rhythms of teaching easily.

  • As Josh heads back to school (Josh has been accepted to the University of PEI to take his Bachelor of Education degree in French) that they can find a balance between school, home, and ministry.

  • For their home church to burn for Christ.

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