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Part of navigating faith and the future with hope means listening to different voices with an open mind.

Here are some New Waters Picks recommended by our very own Regan Neudorf.

Says Regan, “You may not become a subscriber to these podcasts, but I think you will get a ton out of these individual episodes!”

Unseminary New Ventures.png

Unseminary with Rich Birch Ep. 14: "Systems Theory, Leadership Anxiety & Your Church with Steve Cuss"

Jump to the 29 minute mark where Steve Cuss talks about second order change and the ability it gives a leader to work through problems: to know why they start, bypass getting "stuck" and resolve them quickly and effectively.

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Word Made Digital with Joanna La Fleur Season 2, Ep. 1: "Lisa Bevere on Millennial Leadership and Communication"

I think we’re living in a culture that is very different, they don’t want a monologue, they want a dialogue. And they want to be invited to think, they don’t want people thinking for them.” (Lisa Bevere)

Meeting House After Party New Ventures.png

The Meeting House After Party Ep. 3: “What is Evangelism? With Brad Jersak

I love the dialogue around Peter and Cornelius in the book of Acts, and the analogy presented of being in the womb and spiritual conception before being "born again," especially where Brad Jersak explains: "Cornelius is already 'something.' He already knows God at some level. There's a radical inclusion of all people, who have their heart turned towards the light, as much as they know it. At the same time Peter's conclusion isn't that he doesn't need to hear about Jesus. Peter's conclusion is "Wow! I'm going to tell him about Jesus ... Peter see's [the man's] faith experience prior to Christianity ... and then says, ‘Here's what Jesus brings to the table,’ and it brings Cornelius to a whole new level of intimacy with God."

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Freakanomics Radio Ep. 379: "How to Change Your Mind"

"Changing your mind is rarely easy, and it's not something you set out to do. Although, if you're like most people, you would very much like other people to change their minds, to think more like you. Because as you see it, it's impossible for the world to progress to improve unless some people are willing to change their minds. It won't be easy, because changing your mind means, on some level, that you used to be wrong. It can be seen as an act of weakness or heresy." (Stephen Dubner)

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Rekindle: Renewal with Doug Balzer "The Soul of a Leader with Martin Sanders"

Dr. Martin Sanders dialogues around leadership—in the church as well as the business, political and medical communities—and the matters of the soul, and the deeper aspects of life. I love how Martin starts a conversation with those he works with: "Tell me about your soul... "

Stay tuned as we share more New Ventures Picks, helping you love the church and learn to think differently with curiosity, hope, and wonder.

Bethany Nickel