an emerging community in Markham, ON

Many Chinese churches in Toronto were started faithful immigrants who came to Canada 30+ years ago, bringing with them the heritage and traditions from the Hong Kong churches in the 70s and 80s. The gospel has been bearing fruit and growing among these churches ever since. However, the children of these immigrants feel more and more distant from the Chinese culture of their parents. Some of them have left the Chinese churches seeking to find a belonging in a Caucasian church. Others remain in Chinese churches but long to explore church in a new way.

Selwyn and Helen are launching a new congregation to gather the 1.5 generation and ask new questions about Christian maturity, being the church, and following Jesus today.



Meet Selwyn + Helen

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How Selwyn and Helen met was quite dramatic: they met each other on Helen’s literally last day of M.Div. study at Tyndale and it was indeed a prayer answered by God! As the story unfolds, they became husband and wife, best friends in life and the best ministry partners they had ever met! Since discovering a similar calling on their lives, they have become passionate servants of God, serving overseas in East Asia for a few years and now embarking on the exciting journey of starting a new church in Greater Toronto.

Can you help?

If you’re excited by the new things God is doing through Selwyn and Helen, we’d love for you to partner with us!