Michael Hum


With several years of ministry experience together, Michael and his wife Jasmine are looking to develop a clearer vision for where and how God wants them to lead through a season of apprenticeship with New Ventures. Their hope is that God would continue to grow in them a heart and passion to see a fresh expression of church in Canada, that they would develop their spiritual gifts, and to gain a better understanding of the culture and the context into which God wants to take them.

Who are the Hums?

Having grown up going to church together in Montreal, Michael and Jasmine have been married for seven years. Since Michael finished his undergrad at Tyndale in TO with a BA in Business, they’ve been living in Cobourg raising their three amazing girls. Michael has worked for several years in retail and student recruiting, and Jasmine has been in business for many years as an entrepreneur in network marketing.

After a few years being involved at Cobourg Alliance Church, leading worship and being youth leaders, Michael and Jasmine took the leap into full-time ministry and became site pastors of a church gathering at Cobourg's community centre. Here, Michael and Jasmine discovered and experienced the beauty of intentional community and discipleship, and a new expression of church. Now, God has stirred them to take a bigger step into this through New Ventures.

What will their Apprenticeship involve?

They will be spending the year as part of New Venture: Northumberland County, being developed under the leadership of Ray and Trina Jones. They will help give shape to this New Venture and learn through living in a missional community, and also spend time with and learn from leaders in a variety of New Ventures in Eastern Canada. They look forward to developing through the Transformational Coaching course and other training settings and they will be looking for opportunities to continue to hone their gifts in preaching and leading worship in a variety of settings.

What are they most excited for?

They are really excited to grow as leaders! They are looking forward to the opportunities to develop their gifts and abilities and to dig deeper into God’s calling on their lives. They long most for God to continues to grow their passion to reimagine a fresh expression of church in Canada and to discover what that context will be for them.

What is a challenge or difficulty they foresee?

Finding a good pace and healthy rhythm for balancing the many elements of this Apprenticeship with their other part-time work and raising a young family.

How can we being praying?

  • That God would provide the support they need to be sustained financially this year.

  • That God would continue to grow us in our gifts, to burden us with leading his Church and help us to become more like Jesus.

  • That God will make it clear to whom and where He is calling us after the Apprenticeship.

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Can you help?

If you’re excited by the new things God is doing through the Hums, we’d love for you to partner with us!