The Bridge

an emerging community in Bethune, SK

The Bridge is an intergenerational congregation, encouraging participation from all ages. Their vision is to grow as a church one person at a time, through the love, acceptance and respect that Jesus gave to people as he encountered them in his own ministry.


MEETING TIME | Sundays at 4:00pm

LOCATION | Bethune United Church, 766 Central Ave, Bethune, SK S0G 0H0

Meet the Bokinacs

Both born and raised in Bethune, the Bokinacs felt called to Moose Jaw in 2005, and in the same way called back to the Bethune area to plant a church in 2014. They began holding meetings in their home, but eventually sought a larger space in which to worship. They entered into conversation with Bethune United Church and have an ongoing agreement to use their space for The Bridge Community Church.

Can you help?

If you’re excited by the new things God is doing through the Bokinacs, please reach out to them!