New Ventures Picks | Bernard Tam


Summer is a great time to slow down, relax, rest… and get to all the books and podcasts you’ve been waiting to enjoy all year!

In case you need a few titles to add to your list, we’ll be sharing recommendations from New Venture leaders and Implementers from across Canada throughout the summer. This week’s picks come to us from Bernard Tam, our 2nd Gen Implementer. Bernard even chose to focus on Canadian titles for the books he recommended - thanks Bernard!

*Please note that links provided are completely unaffiliated.


Thrive by Rohadi Nagassar. This is an exciting little book that challenges us to shift gears in our post-everything culture. Rohadi, a pastor, entrepreneur and writer, is seeking to challenge churches today to push forward and reimagine church in Canada (and perhaps beyond).

Bees of Rainbow Falls by Preston Pouteaux. This book offers a unique take on what it means to be incarnational in a community. Bees of Rainbow Falls paints a narrative of Pouteaux's journey in starting up a community in Chestermere, Alberta. Using his passion for bee farming, he draws out the importance of what it means and how to be present in a neighbourhood. A beautiful and imaginative book on how to be the church in the suburbs.


Theology on Mission. (Hosted by David Fitch and Mike More)

This is a podcast that engages with theology and culture. Fitch and More banter and rift on the realities of what it means to be the church in our day and engages with topics like politics. Although an American podcast, there is lots of theological and cultural relevance to our Canadian context. It is a whimsical but heady engagement.

Gravity Leadership.

Gravity Leadership is a podcast that seeks to return to Jesus as the orienting centre of how to lead. It is a collection of important conversations surrounding leadership in this post-everything world.

Stay tuned for more New Venture picks throughout the summer!

Bethany Nickel