An Update from Catalyst

The Catalyst team is dreaming about the future of sharing the gospel to international university students.

The Catalyst team is dreaming about the future of sharing the gospel to international university students.

This update comes to us from Cal and Sharon Cheng, who are leading Catalyst Campus, a ministry to international students in Halifax, NS.

Here are three things that God has been doing with Catalyst.  We have many stories but these are some of the highlights over the past year.

Extraordinary prayer

We have been praying for Dalhousie campus regularly since March 2018. After a missions conference at the end of April this year, we were stirred afresh to gather more people to pray for our international students. God responded with an incredible breakthrough.

A campus co-worker put us in touch with the university chaplains, who were praying for a church to be involved with ministering to the international students on campus. We learned that they share our deep passion for reading the Bible together and had been giving away Bibles throughout the year but had run out of supplies. We gave them several boxes of ours, and when we dropped them off there were actually students waiting for them to arrive so that they could give them to their friends and families. One students said, '“This is better than Christmas,” when they saw the Bibles arrive - praise God!

Recently, we also met a number of people who are considering ministering with us. Please continue to fast and pray that God's kingdom would come and that His will would be done. Praise the Lord! God gets the glory!

Extraordinary giving

Catalyst is also experiencing extraordinary hospitality. We (the Chengs) had approximately 40 international students (23+15 respectively) at our home over the Christmas and Easter holidays. God provided like-minded families to serve alongside us and students brought their friends to enjoy these meals as well.

For the majority of students, it was the first time that they had been invited into a Canadian home, let alone a Christian home. It was also the first time they heard the gospel message through a Christmas and Easter lens, and the first time they had received a Bible and seen the Jesus film in their own language. People came as strangers and left as friends, with many of them exchanging contact information and taking home food. After many months, we still see them hanging out on campus together. God gets the glory!

Catalyst Campus is sowing the Word of God among the over 10,000 international students from around the world in Halifax.

Catalyst Campus is sowing the Word of God among the over 10,000 international students from around the world in Halifax.

Extraordinary mission

Catalyst and partners have handed out over 600 Bibles in 9 months. Luke 8 talks about the parable of the sower, and that the seed is the Word of God. We feel that we are responsible for sowing the seed, not only sharing the physical Word, but also the gospel at every turn.

We had recently had a person who attended a Bible study receive Jesus into his heart. Praise the Lord! Another student took home Chinese and English Bibles after that same Bible study. We messaged him several weeks afterwards to pray for his exams and he said that reading the Bible was helping him sleep! He brought a friend to the Easter dinner and introduced the Bible as “the book that you must read to help you sleep.”

In recent months, we’ve also seen Christians in the music department asking for Thai, Chinese, Spanish, and English Bibles to give to their friends with whom they are studying the Bible. They have requested that these Bibles be personalized with their names (an incredible response to a dream Cal had before launching this New Venture). They have told us that their friends have been loving their Bibles and God has been answering prayers.  One of their friends became a Christian and was baptized a couple of weeks ago through this Bible study.  Praise the Lord! God gets the glory!

God is working in amazing ways and we feel that He is just getting started.  Thank you so much for your partnership in prayer and giving. Please consider fasting and praying for the campuses in Halifax over the next month. This summer, we will be handing out wallpaper-covered Bibles on two campuses and would appreciate potentially having you help hand them out as a short term missions project (contact us if you are interested!).

We are small in number but have been deeply convicted that as we pray, God will do supernatural and impossible things.  We are simply trying to hear His voice, see where He is opening doors, and obey and follow Him. God gets the glory and he is continuing to build His church!

Excited about the new things God is doing through Cal and Sharon and Catalyst?

Here are some ways you can join them on mission:


  • Pray for the relationships that are being built with international students and that there would be an openness and response to the gospel.

  • Pray for unity in the partnerships that are forming around reaching international students.

  • Pray for the Chengs as leaders, that they would find times for rest and recuperation as they minister.