led by John + Kristen Doan in Hamilton, ON

Often ethnic churches see their second generation as the ones who will inherit the mother church, but when the older generation of Hamilton Vietnamese Alliance Church recognized that their upcoming generation of young adults and youth needed freedom and a chance to grow into their own community, they put together funds to help launch them off and released them to follow God's calling.

Risen is a young community of second generation Vietnamese who are excited to expand God's kingdom in the suburban areas on Hamilton Mountain.  Recognizing that most people will not randomly wander into a church, they are seeking to connect with people in meaningful fellowship outside the church walls and to develop purposeful relationships in which people can experience the love of Christ.

Currently they meet in the same building as their parent church and they've formed small groups from amongst their youth and young adult members. 

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Sundays at 10:15am


349 Isaac Brock Dr, Hamilton, ON L8J 3S2