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For hundreds of years, Iran was one of the most difficult regions of the world to reach with the gospel. However, today a different story prevails. Despite increased persecution of Christians, we see Jesus at work throughout the region. Today, Operation World, a missions research organization, lists Iran as having the fastest-growing evangelical church in the world. In fact, more Iranians have become Christians in the last 20 years than in the previous 1,300 years.

Canada is home to many Iranian refugees. This New Venture began as a Persian Fellowship at North Toronto Chinese Alliance Church with a celebration of Nowruz (Persian New Year) in 2016, with 300 people. Of those, 37 signed up to participate in a fellowship. This fellowship has continued to grow, with approximately 120 people plus children participating every week. Under the leadership of Sam Nasser, this community hopes to become an oasis of faith for Iranian refugees in Canada and around the world and to help the Persian community experience Jesus in a real and relevant way.

Meet Sam Nasser

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Sam Nasser was born into an orthodox Muslim family in Iran. On October 2, 1990 he and his family migrated to Canada as refugees. A few days after his arrival, he encountered Jesus and his life was forever changed. Now, with over 19 years of pastoral and outreach experience, combined education and an appointment as a Persian Network Associate, Sam has been equipped to develop, train, nurture and facilitate both outreach to Persian peoples and discipleship and leadership development for churches in Canada and globally. He has witnessed over 3,000 Iranian Muslim people give their hearts to Christ and more than 2,000 be baptized. It is his burning desire, through his ministry in Canada and overseas, to see existing Persian works strengthened and more Persian churches planted to reach the lost.

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