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Jesus Overcomes!

A 64-year-old man with a horrible story of abuse, both physical and mental, decided to get baptized in June. Part of the abuse he suffered earlier in his life involved being pushed and held under water, both cold... Read More

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Drawn by a Community of Christ

by: Jeff MacMillan I am very excited about the community that God has been developing at Faith in Focus. Not only do we have believers who are devoted to one another and invested in the ministry, but we also have... Read More

The work continues in the summer

Summer has been a time of seeing people in the church move out and in. Some have left as they move to other places, and many who were away just for vacations are slowly coming back. Throughout this time, the church... Read More

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Conversations from Around the World

by: Bernard Tam Praise God for answered prayer! Over the last few months, we have been praying for opportunities to connect with neighbours and also for someone to help with our praise and worship. One afternoon, I... Read More

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Asking the Right Questions

by: Todd Westell A year into being an "official" church, New Hope is growing deeper. There is a widening sense of purpose and identity emerging in the congregation, a sense that there is more to what God has in... Read More

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Just Walking in Faith

by: Dana Day FaithWalk continues reach out to the community through the local food bank and local events. One of our favorite things to do is to "Cookie Bomb" the local businesses. Everyone loves a homemade cookie!... Read More

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Happy...and then some

by: Jonathan Manafo This April, we headed into our second Easter season. We were planning and praying to take advantage of the most highly attended Sunday of the calendar year. We had already been seeing some growth... Read More

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Sharing how we've been blessed

We recently celebrated our third birthday and had the whole congregation write cards to the church and to each other regarding what God had done over the last three years in their lives. The responses were... Read More

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Prayer is Key

by: Leslie Shillinglaw I love watching God respond as His people pray. My prayer team has been praying specifically for people who come to faith to be discipled. For many years, we have seen people who made... Read More

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Through the eyes of youth

by: Dan Buggie Through meeting some of the moms whose teenage boys are being mentored here, I've come to hear of their way of life back in South Africa. Despite the apparent lack of modern Internet technology in... Read More