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One Step Ahead

by: Trev Berry We have been on the ground in Barrie for about a month. Life has gone fast! Moving and settling always takes more time than expected. Our long-term vision is to see a network of Missional Communities... Read More

God's Renovation Timeline

by: Pastor Jack Ninaber Ministry at the Manor continues to take on a life of its own. I have been told that I am a nice f____in pastor! That’s a first! I have also been able to use our van to help one of the guys... Read More

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"You can ask Him that?"

by: Leslie Shillinglaw I am continually asking God to reveal Himself to the people of different religions who make up the Parkdale community. Last week, we were scheduled to have a BBQ and Gospel teaching to wind up... Read More

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Summer at the Village

by: Jonathan Manafo We hosted two very successful community events this summer. We hosted and directed, a run/walk that benefits Habitat Durham and other charities that work hard for people... Read More

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Learning at Our Own Pace

by: Dan Buggie I'm often surprised at how often folks in our vicinity find it "strange" that a pastor allows them to disagree and challenge what they are hearing. Numerous times during my week, I myself am newly... Read More

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Jesus Overcomes!

A 64-year-old man with a horrible story of abuse, both physical and mental, decided to get baptized in June. Part of the abuse he suffered earlier in his life involved being pushed and held under water, both cold... Read More

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Drawn by a Community of Christ

by: Jeff MacMillan I am very excited about the community that God has been developing at Faith in Focus. Not only do we have believers who are devoted to one another and invested in the ministry, but we also have... Read More

The work continues in the summer

Summer has been a time of seeing people in the church move out and in. Some have left as they move to other places, and many who were away just for vacations are slowly coming back. Throughout this time, the church... Read More

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Conversations from Around the World

by: Bernard Tam Praise God for answered prayer! Over the last few months, we have been praying for opportunities to connect with neighbours and also for someone to help with our praise and worship. One afternoon, I... Read More

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Asking the Right Questions

by: Todd Westell A year into being an "official" church, New Hope is growing deeper. There is a widening sense of purpose and identity emerging in the congregation, a sense that there is more to what God has in... Read More