Thai Alliance Church of Canada: A Story of Faithfulness

In a dream in the early 2000s, Sue and Frank Chowattanakul, experienced the call of God to come to Canada to establish a Thai community where none had existed... ever. Little did they know that a little over a... Read More


Miraculous Encounters with Jesus

Though any church planter would agree that the seasons of planting a church are not best represented in high notes only, accounts of extraordinary encounters with Jesus can be a great encouragement. God called Ryan... Read More

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Deeper in Influence

New Ventures seeks to welcome the unexpected, surrending our own agenda to the new things God is doing. This year at General Assembly 2018 for the Christian & Missionary Alliance in Canada, we released a video... Read More


Deeper in Discernment

New Ventures starts with people. This means we go the extra mile to develop leaders, nurturing their individual gifts and sense of calling. This year at General Assembly 2018 for the Christian & Missionary... Read More

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Resurrection: A Forthcoming New Venture in Moncton, NB

Why didn't someone tell me about this sooner? When Scott Carroll finally heard the gospel for the first time, at age 21, he wondered why he'd never heard this good news earlier. The gospel -- the good news that... Read More


Who are the People in Your Neighbourhood?

Anyone remember the old song with fondness? Who are the people in your neighbourhood? In your neighbourhood...the people that you meet each day?   Chris Haggith and The Neighbourhood Church, a New Venture in... Read More


Becoming Culturally Aware

New Ventures are learning what it means to be culturally aware as they bring the gospel to new places in Canada.   Listen as Pastor Dom Ruso of The180 in Laval, QC, discusses the unique religious and historical... Read More


Celebrating Kitchener-Waterloo Chinese Alliance's Mandarin Community

Last year, Kitchener-Waterloo Chinese Alliance Church  began to plan a Mandarin-speaking New Venture to reach the many new Chinese international students and young families in the area... On May 6, they had a... Read More


Celebrating Horizon Church

Today we're celebrating what God is doing at Horizon Church in Calgary, AB. The infographic below captures what's been happening at Horizon Church since its launch last summer:      Says lead pastor, Nathan... Read More


Collective Coffee Roasters

Practically everywhere you turn these days, you can smell the aroma of coffee brewing. Brewing in upscale espresso bars, brewing in every trademark green & mocha-hued Starbucks, brewing bright and early for the... Read More