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Meet Apprentices Josh and Miranda Perry

Josh and Miranda Perry are a young couple burdened for Prince Edward Island. Josh grew up in an Acadian French family (an unreached people group) and one of the goals of their two-year apprenticeship with New... Read More


New Ventures Apprenticeship Retreat: A Recap

An inspiring time of exploring kicked off a new year for our New Ventures Apprentices as they gathered for a retreat at the Central Canadian District office guest houses last week. Five New Ventures Apprentices were... Read More


Coming Soon in Niagara, ON: Q50 Community

Graham and Sharon Bulmer are not unfamiliar with embarking into uncharted territory. After 20 years of missionary service, predominately in Latin America, Graham and Sharon are now settled into the Niagara region of... Read More


Welcome Apprentice Elissa Teichrib

Elissa Teichrib is a young woman with a big heart – for engaging in God’s mission in the world, and helping young leaders to engage in that mission. Having spent the past five years learning alongside and serving... Read More


Celebrating Arabic Bible Church

On July 1st 2018, Arabic Bible Church held its first public gathering in Ottawa with more than 45 adults and 12 kids in attendance. Eastern District Superintendent John Healey was there to encourage them on this... Read More


Thai Alliance Church of Canada: A Story of Faithfulness

In a dream in the early 2000s, Sue and Frank Chowattanakul, experienced the call of God to come to Canada to establish a Thai community where none had existed... ever. Little did they know that a little over a... Read More


Miraculous Encounters with Jesus

Though any church planter would agree that the seasons of planting a church are not best represented in high notes only, accounts of extraordinary encounters with Jesus can be a great encouragement. God called Ryan... Read More

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Deeper in Influence

New Ventures seeks to welcome the unexpected, surrending our own agenda to the new things God is doing. This year at General Assembly 2018 for the Christian & Missionary Alliance in Canada, we released a video... Read More


Deeper in Discernment

New Ventures starts with people. This means we go the extra mile to develop leaders, nurturing their individual gifts and sense of calling. This year at General Assembly 2018 for the Christian & Missionary... Read More

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Resurrection: A Forthcoming New Venture in Moncton, NB

Why didn't someone tell me about this sooner? When Scott Carroll finally heard the gospel for the first time, at age 21, he wondered why he'd never heard this good news earlier. The gospel -- the good news that... Read More