Our Team

Meet our Lead Team and Implementers.

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Dave Enns

Director & Implementer, Eastern Ontario | Email Dave

Dave helps to create a multiplicative environment for new churches and new leaders – and has been doing so for over 12 years! He has a passion to see communities of faith emerge and has an innovative approach to systems and structures.

Dave is most passionate about the space that New Ventures creates to allow the Spirit of God to comes alive and for people to discover their gifts and passions.

Dave’s special talent is driving long distances in a hypnotic state and he claims he can pack a car for a long trip like no one else. In his free time, he coaches a variety of minor sports team, plays pick-up hockey, and enjoys hiking with his wife Lesley.

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Malcolm Billing

Operations & Implementer, Northern GTA | Email Malcolm

Malcolm provides behind-the-scenes support that allows the various new things God is doing to thrive and grow. Prior to his studies at Tyndale and entering ministry, he spent over a decade running a business co-op program at the University of Toronto and has lived in Germany, Switzerland, Ghana and India.

Malcolm loves the process of developing clear pathways for New Venture leaders, having seen time and again how this frees them step into the new things God is doing.

Malcolm lives in Vaughan, ON where he and his family worship and serve at Upper Room Community Church. He describes himself as a sponge for information (which is very helpful for our many operational processes), and he is happy to share useless trivia at a moment’s notice!

Regan Neudorf.png

Regan Neudorf

Development & Implementer, Western Ontario | Email Regan

As our development lead, Regan connects New Venture leaders to appropriate learning opportunities. Studying and working professionally in theatre has solidified his love of collaboration, and a career in youth ministry has also provided him with ample opportunities to practice contextualizing the Gospel creatively.

Regan is drawn by the New Venture value of “starting with people,” and their real lives. In his words, “When someone steps out in faith to do something new, we don’t just support what they are called to do, but rather come alongside them holistically: recognizing the needs of the individual as well as the community around them.”

Regan has lived in Caledonia Ontario for 10+ years (the longest he has ever lived in one place!). In his spare time, he enjoys all forms of art and keeping up with the latest in creative process trends through blogs and magazines.

Bethany Mortelliti.png

Bethany Mortelliti

Communications | Email Bethany

As our communications lead, Bethany is responsible not only to find ways to celebrate stories from New Ventures, but to ensure our Powerpoint presentations are on point! Hailing from rainy Vancouver BC, Bethany and her husband moved to Greater Montreal in 2016 to be part of a New Venture and to explore the new things God was calling them to in Eastern Canada.

Bethany has loved the New Venture idea that “one size doesn’t fit all” from the start, and enjoys watching unexpected leaders and ideas emerge.

In her new context, Bethany is extremely thankful to have done her undergrad in French (with a minor in English). She loves exploring cities with her husband to find the best third wave coffee available.

Andy Lambkin.png

Andy Lambkin

Implementer, British Columbia | Email Andy

Andy is our Implementer in beautiful British Columbia. He planted a network of house churches in 2006 in the Vancouver area and has been with this movement ever since.

Andy loves that New Ventures welcomes creative expressions and that our goal is to build disciples that form communities. In his words, it takes all different kinds of ventures to reach all different kinds of people.  

Rooted in North Vancouver with his wife of almost 20 years and four kids ages 14 to 7, “free time” is a thing of the past.

Ron Goerzen.png

Ron Goerzen

Implementer, Saskatchewan and Manitoba | Email Ron

Ron is our Implementer in Saskatchewan and Manitoba. He has been a pastor with the Christian & Missionary Alliance for 33 years and was involved in starting a new church in BC’s Lower Mainland years ago.

The New Ventures environment excites him because it provides tracks to run on for churches and leaders who believe that God is calling them to do something new. Ron especially enjoys working with First Nations leaders.

He and his wife LeeAnn live in Regina and have three grown children, one child-in-law, and two grandkids. His tendency to see the funny in life keeps those around him laughing.

Jacob Birch.png

Jacob Birch

Implementer, Atlantic Canada | Email Jake

Jake is our Implementer in Atlantic Canada. Having planted or help plant 4 different churches and New Ventures over the last 23 years of ministry, you could say he has been church planting while he's been pastoring.

 Jake is most passionate about New Ventures’ commitment to developing our leaders and not only upping our numbers.

Jake married his high school sweetheart and together with their four mostly-adult children, they live in five different locations throughout the province of Ontario. Jake is able to recollect useless historical and geographic trivia about almost any place in North America.

Troy Wiesner.png

Troy Wiesner

Implementer, Quebec | Email Troy

Troy is our Implementer in Quebec. With over two decades of serving in ministry, Troy is excited about what God is doing in the “Belle Province,” as he perceives a special openness to the gospel among Quebecers.

Troy values the space that New Ventures creates to allow fresh expressions of church to emerge.

He and his wife Lorilee reside in Montreal with their four kids. When Troy isn’t busy with home renovations, he enjoys cheering on the Roughriders, watching movies, playing guitar and taking long romantic walks with Lorilee.

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Tung-Hoi Yu

Mandarin Speakers | Email Tung-Hoi

Tung-Hoi gives leadership to our Mandarin-speaking New Ventures.

Doug Balzer.png

Doug Balzer

New Ventures Alberta | Email Doug

Doug gives oversight to New Ventures in Alberta.

Close to Doug’s heart is championing spiritual renewal. Whether it’s coaching church planters or assisting in church multiplication efforts, he is invested in spiritual growth among leaders of the next generation.

Doug is married to Teri and they have two sons. Doug is quite the talented carpenter and enjoys building acoustic guitars.