LifeHouse Community

an emerging community in Fort Erie, ON

Greater Fort Erie consists of about 30,000 people, and only 10% of the population claim to attend church. Of those 3,000 people that say they attend church, 10% are disillusioned and have checked out of church altogether.

Greater Fort Erie is growing and expanding and Todd and his wife Julie MacGregor have felt the call to plant a church in this disillusioned community - to share the gospel and make disciples, one relationship at a time.


MEETING TIME | Sundays at 10:00am

LOCATION | 700 Gilmore Rd, Ft. Erie, ON, L2A 5M4


SOCIAL | Facebook

Meet Todd + Julie


Todd and Julie MacGregor are parents to three children. As well as planting and pastoring LifeHouse, Todd works at Matthew House Refugee Shelter in Fort Erie, a shelter that welcomes and houses newcomers into Canada who are fleeing their own countries because of persecution. Todd is also currently attending Eternity Bible College doing online education courses. As a family they live by the motto: "We love well and laugh well!"

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