Kingston Motel Ministry

The homeless and working poor often live in motels during times of transition. Circumstances and length of stay in a motel may vary, but common among this population is the need for acceptance, friendship, hope, interaction and understanding.

For some time, a group of people at Bayridge Alliance Church carried a burden for ministry among people living in motels, but didn’t quite know how to realize this vision. After a couple of years of prayer and discernment, they were led into conversation with a man named John in their congregation. John had been serving among homeless and low income individuals for nearly two decades. Together they recognized God’s vision for a new ministry, and realized that they could partner to launch a New Venture reaching these people in need.

The primary focus of Kingston Motel Ministry is to be the hands and feet of Christ, expressing love and kindness toward the unnoticed and forgotten in the community and city of Kingston. Under the leadership of John Russell, the ministry will reach out to build relationships and to share the good news of Jesus, by showing love and compassion: through a hug, prayer, sharing a coffee, meals, by providing clothes, food, mattresses, or simply connecting through eye contact and a friendly smile.

Meet John Russell

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John has been a musician, recording engineer and music educator for most of his life. He came to faith at age 29 and was married shortly after. July 2019 marks 25 years with his amazing wife Debbie, and together they have two awesome young adult children. John loves seeing the Lord healing the brokenness in people’s lives, creating music and playing guitar, the smell and the sounds of the outdoors, canoeing and spending time with family.

John joined a Toronto-based Christian band in 1999, and it was through outreach with this band that John was introduced to street ministry. Since then, John has been devoted to serving the homeless, low income individuals, and people living in motels and hospitals.

Can you help?

If you’re excited by the new things God is doing through John in Kingston, we’d love for you to partner with us!

All donations received are processed through Canada Helps and will receive a tax receipt. The funds go directly to the New Venture to be used toward their development and ministry needs.