People in the Midwest tend to live affluent, busy lives, and do not recognize their need for God. 

While Canada is known as a friendly nation, nowhere is that more evident than in the Midwest: relationships are what make them tick!

The three largest cities in this area are Winnipeg, Saskatoon and Regina, which comprise about half the population. This means that many people live in rural settings.

The variance of lifestyles encompasses everything from urban to inner city to small towns to First Nation communities. In the far North, isolation and cold weather create challenges; in much of the rest of the region, the sparse population means that supporting a full-time pastor is difficult.

Yet, the Midwest has a pioneering heritage, and a history of people who were willing to work hard to accomplish worthy goals. The time is right for a wave of creative new leaders to “re-pioneer” the Midwest in a spiritual sense. Starting New Ventures that are partnership driven, team-led, highly relational and creatively funded will be the key to moving ahead.

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