It’s called “Beautiful BC” for a reason: with mountains, ocean, rivers and lakes, BC is a nature lover’s paradise.

Skiing, hiking, paddle boarding and mountain biking this is where most spend their free time. The interior also boasts vast fruit and wine growing regions, which make this area unique.   

In the Lower Mainland, the challenge is housing. Finding a home for a reasonable price involves a small (or big) miracle. In the other parts of the province, you deal with remote locations and winter cold.

Vancouver has become a profoundly liberal city, and the views of most are on many social issues are at odds with the traditional teaching of the church. This creates an obvious barrier for many. Affluence and full lifestyles also create challenges. The rich often feel insulated from their need of God and busy lives trying to pay large mortgages creates little margin in people’s lives for participation in a church community.

It seems that the sky is the limit for creative ventures, whether home-based, centralized around a Sunday morning gathering, or directed to particular communities, but the focus needs to be on making disciples, and specifically new disciples. We’ve had many churches planted in our province in recent years, but many times the genuine critique or analysis demonstrates little by way of “new” disciples and often just a reshuffling of the saints. If we’re going to start New Ventures in BC, the focus needs to be on new disciples.

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