Regan Neudorf

Regan connects New Venture leaders to appropriate learning opportunities. Studying and working professionally in theatre has solidified his love of collaboration, and a career in youth ministry has also provided him with ample opportunities to practice contextualizing the Gospel creatively.

He has lived in Caledonia Ontario for 10+ years (the longest he has ever lived in one place!). In his spare time, Regan enjoys all forms of art and keeping up with the latest in creative process trends through blogs and magazines.

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Bethany Nickelregan
Dom Ruso

Dom Ruso’s early faith experiences came from going to a Roman Catholic Church and later experiencing an added understanding of his faith within a Protestant context. The richness of this upbringing led to numerous questions which eventually drew him to making a commitment to follow Jesus and pursue pastoral ministry.

With a PhD in historical theology, Dom is currently Lead Pastor of a church plant called The180 in Greater Montreal.

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Bethany Nickel