What is a Regional Initiative?

Broadly speaking, a regional initiative is an effort to catalyze the process of multiplication in a particular area or with a specific church...    "It's not a traditional New Venture (an initiative with the... Read More


Engaging our Culture

Talking to Jonathan Chan about his work at Company of Disciples, one feels freshly convicted of the call that each of us has to engage the culture of our own particular sphere of influence for Christ. Throughout his... Read More


Becoming Willing

Adam Ane, founder of Christian Motel Ministries in Niagara Falls, ON, shares his perspective on what God values and what we often overlook...      You can read more about the work and mission of this New Venture here. Read More


Celebrating Misty River Ministries

In early November of 2017, Bart Metcalf was asked by an elder of the Gitwangak First Nations community if he would visit and pray with an elderly man dying of cancer. He said "Yes"...  Today we celebrate what... Read More

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Better Together

Frontiering, reaching the unreached and building bridges between new cultures and people groups, is something at the heart of the C&MA and something we need to continue to be about. So says Jacob Birch, Atlantic... Read More


Celebrating: Proximity

Every time a new church is planted it's like the book of Acts opening up all over again... Proximity Church, a New Venture launched in Ottawa, ON on January 21, 2017, began its first service by returning to Acts. ... Read More


Celebrating: Risen

What happens when an ethnic church develops a second generation who desires to launch out and explore God's calling for themselves? A parent church has two choices. They can either hold on to them and hope for... Read More


Becoming Participants

New Ventures are learning what it means to be the church in new places in Canada. Uptown Community Church, in Waterloo, ON, meets in a local theatre. Lead pastor Raja Stone shares how God is calling His people to be... Read More


Celebrating East Gate Ministère Francophone

What comes out of a deeper communion with Christ? This was the question that stayed with me after a phone call with Jacques Lapointe, pastor of East Gate Ministère Francophone, a New Venture among the francophone... Read More


Celebrating One Year at LifeHouse

LifeHouse Community Church, in Fort Erie, ON, celebrated its first birthday on January 7, 2018! When Todd and Julie MacGregor first trusted God's prompting to plant a church from their burgeoning small group, Todd... Read More