New Ventures Development exists for two primary reasons: to help our New Ventures grow in six key areas, and to raise up New Ventures coaches.
Though development may look a little different in each of our regions, New Ventures as a whole strives toward these goals.

Growing New Ventures

We know that a New Venture needs guidance both for its leader and for its structures as it becomes a gathered community of faith. That's why we focus on providing both coaches and training opportunities for our New Ventures.
For us, the development of the New Ventures Leader as a leader is critical. While each district in the C&MA at large carries a responsibility for the equipping and development of its leaders, our special role at New Ventures is to provide a coach for each of our New Ventures leaders. These coaches come alongside and challenge New Venture leaders as they navigate the formation of a new church through intentional conversations, expertise and connecting the New Venture leader to needed resources.
We have also identified six key areas that are essential for our New Ventures to grow as healthy, gathered communities of faith and strive to provide training opportunities for New Ventures leaders in these key areas.
These six areas are:

  • Leadership - We want to empower Christ-centered leaders who steward the gifts of the body, leverage the strengths of the team and who function in unity and love.
  • Gatherings - We want to see New Ventures create connecting points for people that reflects the needs of their context and the vision God has entrusted to them.
  • Organizational Clarity - We want to see New Ventures create organizational structures that supports and mobilizes the body on mission as an alliance of churches.
  • Communication - We want to see New Ventures become adept at utilizing a wide variety of communication skills and resources.
  • Finances - We want to see New Ventures create funding models and financial infrastructure that is wise and faith filled.
  • Partnerships - We want to see New Ventures be generous with their resources by giving beyond themselves - locally, regionally, nationally and internationally.

Raising New Ventures Coaches

Relationships between New Venture Leaders and coaches are critical to the growth of our New Ventures spreading across Canada.
New Ventures Development seeks to raise up New Venture coaches and provide training for them in the following areas so that they can serve our New Ventures leaders well:

  • Level One Coaches Training
  • Grip-Birkman Behavioural Assessment Training
  • ongoing training and support through bi-monthly Coaches Cafes

If you are interested in becoming a New Ventures coach, please use the contact information below.

Contact Us

Eastern Canada
To learn more about New Ventures development and opportunities, or to inquire about becoming a coach, please contact Greg Langman.
To see some training and/or coaching events happening in your area, visit our Events page.